- Been waiting over 20 years for Fred Dekker's Night of the Creeps to get the retail release it deserves? Well now you're going to have to wait even longer, both the DVD and Blu-ray have slipped to October 27th. Sure it's not a huge delay, but that's a whole seven days you'll be without a glimpse of yours truly in the special features.

- Dread Central rounded up several updates from Anne Rice's Facebook page (yes, I just typed that) regarding the notion of Robert Downey Jr. as the forever 20 year old star of her Vampire Chronicles. Spoiler alert: I think she has a crush on Iron Man.

- Good news: Kathryn Bigelow's widely popular Near Dark will be getting the Blu-ray treatment from Lionsgate this November 10th. Bad news: Lionsgate is likely only putting this disc out to capitalize on the popularity of a certain sparkley teen-centric vampire soap opera, which means it'll probably still have this awful cover.
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