The neverending web of Twlight continues to be weaved:

New Moon hasn't even hit screens yet and Eclipse has already started filming, which means the final casting nibbles have been released. After Xavier Samuel as Riley and Bryce Dallas Howard as the new Victoria, Jack Huston grabbed Royce King II (Rosalie's evil human ex), the super-cute and creepy Jodelle Ferland grabbed Bree, and finally, we've got the wolfy Clearwaters. Vanessa Hudgens aside, the LA Times reports that Julia Jones will play Leah, while BooBoo Stewart grabs Seth. Jones most recently played Dr. Kaya Montoya on ER, and the ridiculously named BooBoo (who will hopefully put aside the Boo soon) is an ex member of Disney's T Squad, and has popped up in recent films like The Last Sentinel.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter posts that the series' fan conventions are going on tour. Methinks they want all those fans to save on travel costs so that they may save their first born for the autographs and photos. What cities will soon be trampled by Twihards? The tour kicks off in Parsippany, New Jersey, before heading to cities like: Chicago, Toronto, Miami, Seattle, Minneapolis, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Charlotte, Boston, Phoenix, and Atlanta. No city is safe!
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