The world of mainstream and 'adult' entertainment occasionally cross paths in lots of different ways. Sometimes, there are your highbrow experiments like Soderberg's Girlfriend Experience, and then there is The Vamp, courtesy of Tantus Direct (be warned, this site is definitely NSFW). Now when it comes to Twilight marketing, we've already come across harmless trinkets like body glitter, candies, and board games -- but this time we've got a little something for the Twi-hard who's over the age of consent, because The Vamp is what you might call a "personal massage device" that is being marketed to the 'Cullen' crowd.

The product is not endorsed by anyone even remotely associated with the vampire franchise, but after all, thanks to Meyer's creation, there's money to be made and isn't that usually where the adult industry really shines? If you had any doubts about who this product is being targeted to, though, look no further than Tantus' ad copy with chuckle-inducing descriptions like: "Don't let this eclipse pass into the breaking dawn", or that they promise a realistic 'Sire' skin tone. But the highlight has to be that the -- *ahem* -- device sparkles in the daytime. For obvious reasons I couldn't include a picture of the product in question, but I'm sure you can take a ball park guess about what you will get for your $39.99.

It's almost funny if you think about the fact that most of the time Twilight is accused of being anti-sex and here's a company that's gone and done the exact opposite. So while this one might seem to be a bit out of place when it comes to all the different Twilight-related merch, keep in mind that if the franchise is nothing but a big commercial for abstinence then maybe The Vamp makes perfect sense after all.
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