I'm so accustomed to scanning horror news that a day seems strange when it doesn't feature the announcement of a new remake of an old favorite. Sci-fi on the other hand has evaded the brunt of Hollywood's catalog pillaging. Sure there are big budget remakes along the lines of The Day the Earth Stood Still, but for the most part remake news is relatively out of the ordinary. Though don't you fret just yet, Warner Bros is here to rectify that with a new spin on Peter Hyams 1981 flick Outland.

The original film found Sean Connery uncovering corporate collusion with futuristic drug dealers on the Jupiter moon Io. However this updated take is out to distance itself from that sci-fi/western genre bender. See, new director Michael Davis (Shoot 'Em Up) and screenwriter Chad St. John are setting their Outland on our very own moon. Huge difference. Oh, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, they'll also be expanding things to tentpole-size, which is studio code for, "God, I hope we can milk this thing":

"The story takes place in an orbiting city around the moon, where a cop uncovers a murderous conspiracy endangering the entire city. With a week before his retirement back to Earth, our hero has to choose between walking away with his wife, or taking on a private army with his overachieving ex-partner and wife's former boyfriend."
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