By Peter Hall

The Wolfman has had a spot or two of trouble finding its way back to the big screen. First One Hour Photo director Mark Romanek, who got the remake off the ground in the first place, dropped off the project citing creative differences. Joe Johnston stepped in to fill his shoes and it seemed the wait wouldn't be long before we'd all be reveling in Benicio Del Toro's blood-curdling howls at the moon. Then woe-of-woes struck: the dreaded release date shuffle.

Universal Studios had originally carved out November of '08 to unleash The Wolfman. Then late winter/early spring of '09. Now we're stuck wait until February 10, 2010. Universal insisted their trepidation to actually put the creature feature in theaters was not out of a lack of confidence, but a stalwart patience for finalized special effects work. And now that the first trailer for Joe Johnston's stab at the classic monster is up on Yahoo I only have one reaction and it's right up there in the title.

The Wolfman looks stunning. You could never even gleam from the trailer (embedded below) that the production has had such a bumpy ride to fruition. The script, aided by Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, seems peppered with chewy bits of quotable goodness. Emily Blunt is a knockout in a corset, Anthony Hopkins feels right at home in a castle and the pain behind Benicio del Toro's eyes looks positively ravaged.

Click here for the trailer at Horror Squad!