If ever there was a trailer launch cluster-f*ck, it was this morning with the supposed release of the first Avatartrailer. The domestic trailer was scheduled to hit Apple at 10am EST, but that never happened and there was no immediate explanation as to why it wasn't working. But god bless the French because they got their trailer up and running in time for most people to ... um, kinda trash it. Granted, Avatar supporters will try to reason with you, offering up several different explanations: 1) You need to watch it in HD, or 2) You can't watch it on your computer screen, or 3) You need to watch it in 3D, or 4) You need to watch it in 3D on an IMAX screen, or 5) You need to watch it on Pandora with a half-naked Na'vi chick lying in your lap feeding you glowing blue goo.

In my opinion, though, a trailer is a trailer -- and no matter how we watch it or where we watch it, a potential paying customer should be able to evaluate it without having to add a bunch of junk to the viewing experience. I personally thought it looked pretty cool and different and original, which right off the bat makes it more worthwhile than practically every film that came out this past summer. Does it look like it will change the way we watch movies forever? No. Does it look like a fun moviegoing experience? Definitely. I will say, though, that this is the first trailer for a film that made me actually want to see it in 3D.

But now that the mystique has vanished, and we know what this movie is going to look like, will the buzz diminish? After watching this trailer today, do you want to see this movie more than you did, say, yesterday?
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