UPDATE 3: The Apple links work now. Watch it in HD right over here.

UPDATE 2: Here's a link that works! It's the French trailer, but since there's only one line of dialogue in the whole thing, it'll do until Apple fixes their glitch.

UPDATE: 15 minutes in and it appears Apple is having issues with the trailer launch. Stay tuned ...

Come one, come all -- the long-awaited trailer for James Cameron's much buzzed-about Avatar has finally arrived online over at Apple. The debut trailer -- which is the first footage from the film to be shown to a mass audience outside a convention-like atmosphere -- is part of a larger marketing push for the film this week, which includes the release of several new photos (see gallery below) and a special presentation of an extended 16-minute trailer in 3D to be screened at IMAX theaters across the globe tomorrow.

In the meantime, though, prepare to feast your eyes on what some say is a film that could change the way we watch, well, film. The big-budgeted sci-fi flick follows a paraplegic war veteran (Sam Worthington) who is unwillingly sent to the distant planet of Pandora to help establish a human settlement. It's there that he'll find himself in the midst of a battle between humans and the planet's indigenous Na'vi race. Tack on marvelous, out-of-this-world special effects -- coupled with 3D like you've never seen it before -- and you get the most anticipated film of 2009 that no one seems to know anything about.

Enough babbling ... watch the trailer right over here and then let us know what you think. Does Avatar look like it can live up to the hype? The film drops in theaters on December 18.