He may have lost the talents of John August, but Shazam! is still alive and well at Warner Bros, and here's the proof. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Segal is still attached to direct, and the studio just hired actor-turned-writer Billy Birch to cowrite the script with Geoff Johns.

Captain Marvel is just one of many characters that Warner Bros and DC Comics is gearing up for a big-screen debut. Back in July, it was reported that the studio and comic company had reunited in a stronger, healthier relationship that both hoped would emulate the creative community at Marvel Studios. Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman have been brought aboard to act as consultants, and Shazam! is just one of the properties benefiting from their influence.

The Shazam! movie has lacked the god driven powers of its hero, and has seen a lot of stops and starts in recent years, and finally seemed to be taking shape once August came on board as a writer, and Dwayne Johnson fueled fan buzz by having fans cast him in the film. (THR is mum as to whether he's still attached.) I really hope the sixth time(?) is the charm, and that Billy Batson finally gets his chance to transform. He's a character that has a lot of fans of all ages, and is poised to make a lot more in this superhero crazed era.

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