Continuing its love affair with milking projects for every penny it can, Hollywood isn't done with The Time Traveler's Wife. The Wrap has reported that Audrey Niffenegger's novel will now head for the small screen, with ABC grabbing Friends creator Marta Kauffman and Warner Bros. to develop it into a weekly series. The idea is that a weekly show will allow the relationship between Henry and Clare to be fleshed out, while also throwing in some "self-contained storylines."

Now this isn't exactly a spur of the moment decision. Industry Insiders claim that a television adaptation has been talked about for a while, and surely those talks became a reality once Time Traveler's numbers started pouring in. But is it a good one?

If this was a cable series dedicated to the intricacies of the book, both youth and adulthood, setting out the complicated path and digging into both the light and dark points -- maybe. But as a primetime series on ABC? This just brings to mind a certain My Big Fat Greek Life on CBS -- pretty much the most dismal recreation of a popular film I've ever seen.