On the day that brought us the first trailer for James Cameron's Avatar, it's only fitting that we throw up a video tribute to the films that have dazzled us with groundbreaking visual effects over the years. This video (featured after the jump), titled Visual Effects: 100 Years of Inspiration, was originally intended to be used in a classroom as part of a lecture, and while it leaves off films like The Matrix, as well as anything from 2009, it does do a pretty good job of doling out some nostalgic flavor as we take a trip through time.

Not all of the films featured in this video tribute are named, so we've included a list of them after the jump. It truly is pretty astonishing to see how far we've come with visual effects, and although there will always be a group of people who complain about everything, at least there are visionaries like James Cameron who continue to create and discover and share their work with the rest of us.

Head after the jump to watch the video and check out the complete list of films.