The second-best thing I'm asked over the course of my colorful career is this: "Can you give me some good horror movies to rent?" (The first is: "Would you like cheese fries, Scott?" but that only comes up in Austin.) I usually keep a short list of "damn good but underrated" titles in my mental back pocket, but then again ... how do I know how "experienced" a horror-watcher this person is? I don't want to recommend Cloverfield if they haven't seen Godzilla (or The Host), nor do I want to strap someone down for Martyrs if they can't make it through Tremors. Although it would be hilarious.

So now, in an effort to make things easier when I'm asked the flattering but inevitable question, I offer the following list of 100 horror titles. Call 'em my "favorites" (although I'm sure I left some out) or call 'em "required viewing" for an aspiring horror freak. I'm cool with either. And while I'm the manager of a scary movie blog and the film critic for an excellent horror outlet, the only thing that really qualifies me to MAKE such a list ... is that I cared enough to see all the flicks (and hundreds more) and then rank 'em. You should try it sometime. Feedback and outrage is, of course, welcome ... although I'll tell you right now that I'm already working on list #2, so don't get too crazy.

Here you go!

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