At the age of 71, Brian Dennehy is gearing up for his cinematic directorial debut. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actor, who started off in an episode of Kojak in 1977, is going to helm Redemption -- a fact-based drama being financed by Harbourton Entertainment, from a script he wrote with Joe Seldner.

It's a pretty wild story. Back in 1980, a woman named Joyce Ann Brown hears that the police are looking for her in connection with a murder and robbery. Being innocent and having an alibi, she went to straighten things out, was arrested, found guilty despite a lot of proof to the opposite, and spent nine years in prison before she was finally freed of the charges. (The story will also focus on Jim McCloskey, director of a group that fights for the freedom of innocent prisoners, and how he helped gain her release.)

If you look at the nominations Dennehy has received over the years, he gets a lot of love for his courtroom pieces, so hopefully this will fall into the same vein. But let's also hope he doesn't absorb the theme too much. If you remember, he did play a crazed Vietnam vet in First Blood, and has spent many years telling false stories about a completely concocted stint in Vietnam. I wonder if he tells any crazy court stories...
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