Paramount Austin

I love seeing movies in theaters rather than on my TV or computer. I like the communal experience, the big screen ... well, not the commercials they show before movies, but I try to avoid those theaters. But lately, at least where I live, I'm finding increased technical problems in theaters that make it difficult if not impossible to enjoy a movie.

Last week I went to a matinee of Spread at a multiplex owned by a large national chain. I was watching the movie to review. About 20 minutes into the film, the right speaker started shutting off and on sporadically. It was still possible to understand the dialogue, in a mushy way, but the movie sounded terrible at times. I was torn. If I left to find a theater employee, it would take at least five minutes and I might miss important plot points. On the other hand, the sound problem was extremely annoying, and I hate paying for a movie in a faulty theater. No one else walked out, so either it didn't bother them or they didn't want to miss any of the movie either.
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