Avatar Day is now over and done with no matter what time zone you live in. Tales of lines and half-full showings abound, and I know some of my fellow Cinematical writers will be chiming in with their thoughts about their own experience. But I thought I'd share my own which won't be a reaction to the footage, but about being shut out of Avatar Day.

I scored two tickets without much of a problem, as every Colorado theater had plenty of Avatar tickets, suggesting that the buzz from San Diego hadn't carried very far offline. I had a crazy, no-good day and I arrived at the theater at roughly 6:59. It took a minute to get to the ticket office, another to get re-routed to the customer service desk, and another to get to the theater. By my estimation, I was at the theater doors by 7:01 or 7:02 at the latest. The two Fox publicists at the door take my e-mail, hand it back, and then stare at me. "Sorry." "What? I can't get in?" "No. This started at 7:00."

They weren't friendly, but brusque and barely apologetic, with a hint of the "You're late to class and just dropped a letter grade" about them. I didn't tell them I was press, and I don't think it would have made a difference. Besides, shouldn't I experience this as any average moviegoer would? This average moviegoer was being snubbed from attending a free piece of marketing. I wasted my time, my gas, and my printer to be turned away for being a minute late.
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