Having said its prayers and a few Hail Marys, Priestis ready to slay some vampires, ToykoPop style. The film is set to begin shooting in Los Angeles next week, but before it does, it's given Paul Bettany's Ivan Isaacs an ally and a villain.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Karl Urban has joined the cast as the vampire villain Black Hat. Once a priest and a vampire hunter, Black Hat is now a member of the bloodthirsty undead. Worse, he fancies himself a god of the vampires. I don't think he's a character found in the original manga, as I understand most of the villains to be fallen angels and demons, but I'm honestly not that familiar with it. Hopefully, it'll be something Urban can really sink his teeth into (pardon the pun) as he did with Star Trek, and not be another clunker to his credit.

To add a little girl power to the order, last week THR reported that Maggie Q had signed on as a warrior priestess, "a vampire hunter as tough as the priests" just in case we doubted her staking ability. Come on! As pop culture goes, we ladies have been a lot more successful in the war against the bloodsuckers. Buffy, Selene, Anna Valerious, Cassandra Hack, Mina Harker, the list just could go on forever. Isaacs should thank his lucky stars he's got a girl helping him and Sheriff Cam Gigandet out in the vampire infested wilderness. Incidentally, if you're looking for this film to give you a vampy fix between Twilight and True Blood, don't hold your breath. It won't hit theaters until August 13, 2010.
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