dollhouse season two promo

- Fox has released new promo images for the second season of Dollhouse featuring solo shots of all the cast members, including a fresh-faced Victor (Enver Gjokaj), who was last seen getting his mug sliced up by Alpha last season. These come just days after a batch of very, very tiny (and spoilery) promo pics for the season premiere showed up online. Dollhouse returns to Fox on Sept. 25.

- A&E Home Video has tons of special features planned for its upcoming FarscapeDVD releases. The sets are due November 17. Anyone think huge DVD sales could lead to a new season of Farscape, or a jump to the big screen, ala Serenity? (Or at least a Blu-ray release?)

- Damn, those Smallvillefolks give good trailer. Head after the jump for the first official look at season nine -- and Clark Kent's Matrix-style super suit. Smallville premieres Sept. 25 on The CW.