Ah, the cut slide. Is there a finer cinematic combination than gravity and impeccably thin slices made by sharp objects? I submit that there is not. Doesn't matter what the object is, either. Swords are old hat, but even a swift swipe from a katana can be a breath of fresh biopsy. Though I think I'm more of a glass doors and laser beams fellow myself. (Has that sentence ever been written?)

Of course we are on the Internet, so naturally I'm not the only one who loves bodily division. A kind user at Break.com, who I'm sure is of sound mind and walks old ladies across the street, has done us all a favor by stringing together a compilation video of people falling to pieces. It makes me wonder two things. One, what's the earliest cut slide in cinema? I have no idea, I'm just now getting to Invasion of the Body Snatchers after all, but I'm sure someone does. Two, what highlights are missing?

On that last front I'd opt for the wire-across-the-country-road in 13: Game of Death, which is an awesome Thai thriller more people should see. What else?
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