Bryan Singer, I'm worried about you. I mean no disrespect in saying that, nor do I mean to be just another snarky critic who wants to complain about Superman Returns. To the contrary, I think you're a talented filmmaker, you're ambitious, and it's resulted in a lot of solid work. Even if I didn't care for Returns, I admire the work that went into it, and I applauded your defense of it at my first ComicCon.

But all of a sudden, you're the remake guy! Of course, that's a really glib assessment of your pre-production slate, but in one week you've become attached to two remakes: a big-screen retelling of Battlestar Galatica, and a remake of John Boorman's Excalibur. Both are absolutely inexplicable and even ill-advised, especially in regards to the Battlestar remake / reimagining. I mean, it does take major cajones to attempt something like that on the heels of an insanely popular and critically acclaimed television show, and I can really admire that in a filmmaker. A guy who says "Whatever, SyFy! I'm making my own BSG!" is a guy I'd like to have as a friend, but it's also a friend I would take aside and say "Dude, are you sure about that?"

Like any director, you've had hits and misses. But most importantly, you've shown a flair for original work. Here, people will jump in to remind me that your biggest films were comic book adaptations, but let's be honest -- your X-Men films tossed comic continuity out the window, and ran with a retelling. So did Superman Returns. They were your films all the way, and that's cool. Now, do it again.

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