The Twilightmemorabilia is getting a little more, um, intense by the day. Jessica already shared the Twilight sex toy with you, and just in case you weren't quite weirded out enough, there's this: a life-sized Edward Cullen silhouette. Made by Vinyl Fruit and available from their Etsy store for a hefty $60.00, this life-sized Edward sticks to your wall or the back of your bedroom door. There he will stand silently, "so he can be intrigued while you sleep! He'll be keeping an eye out for any roving carnivorous vampires searching for a snack, while reminding you to "Be Safe."

Now, from here it doesn't look like he has any eyes, so his defensive ability is doubtful, but let's not nitpick the finer points. It's his glittery, broody presence that matters, and this decal offers 6'2 inches of two dimensional companionship. And unlike The Vamp, this Edward is a chaste and G-rated addition to your boudoir. He just wants you to be safe, girls, he's not interested in sex.

Admittedly I'm no Twilight fan, so I'm skeptical this is worth the price. Then again, if I could have a cardboard cutout of the immortal Bill Compton that would say a variety of Southern gentleman-like phrases, that'd be a different story ....

[via Jezebel]

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