When one F.X. Toole adaptation grabs a bunch of Oscars, what will happen to the next one?

Million Dollar Baby -- winner of Best Movie, Director, Supporting Actor, and Lead Actress -- was adapted from Toole's short story collection Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner, and now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Pound for Pound is getting the big-screen indie treatment with the starring help of Billy Bob Thornton.

A full -- but unfinished -- posthumous novel this time around, Pound follows Dan Cooley, an ex-boxing contender who has outlived both his wife and children, and focuses on his grandson, who then gets killed. "As Cooley vacillates between booze-fueled suicidal thoughts and fantasies of homicidal vengeance, Hispanic teenager Eduardo 'Chicky' Garza y Duffy begins his troubled ascent in the amateur boxing world." In classic sports movie form, they will be able to offer each other redemption.

It's going to be quite interesting watching Billy Bob play an ex-boxer, but he's definitely the right fit for an aging, bitter, and boozy dude. As for the film, it's going to be written and directed by Ron Shelton, the man behind Bull Durham, White Men Can't Jump, and Play it to the Bone. Could this be a return to Bull Durham form? That film was his first directorial stint, and grabbed the filmmaker his only Oscar nod.
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