It looks like Tony Scott's train thriller Unstoppable is living up to its title, and is back on the rails. The film was facing a delay thanks to Fox being leery of financing it, and its leading man, Denzel Washington, was reportedly set to disembark the project.

But according to Variety, Washington is back on board, as is Chris Pine, but it takes more than two guys to get a train back on track. Sometimes you need the help of a fierce woman, and so Rosario Dawson has come on board. (I wonder just how many "nice caboose" jokes are going to be made by the male writers of the moviesphere. Or maybe I made the only one. Ahem.)

The film has Washington playing a veteran engineer who jumps on board a runaway train in order to help its young conductor (Pine) try to stop it. Naturally, it's stocked with toxic cargo, and is headed straight for a major city. It's not clear what part Dawson will play, but one would hope that she isn't a mere love interest. This is a film that's a race against the clock after all, and something tells me there's not a lot of time for kissing and toplessness when you're trying to prevent a train from poisoning a city. But then again, lots of grindhouse films achieved that, so who knows. We'll find out when Unstoppable begins filming this fall, with all aboard.
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