In any given action movie, who is the character you remember the most, the guy (or girl) you walk out of the theater desperately wanting to emulate? Isn't it usually the cold-blooded assassin, with tricks and gadgets, and the ability to get in and out of every building and trap? If it's not, you should reevaluate your priorities.

But at any rate, if one assassin is cool, what about an entire movie of assassins? What if they were hunting each other down? Wouldn't that be a movie you'd line up to see? If so, your prayers have been answered with The Tournament which takes that wonderful idea, and runs to blood-and-explosions heaven with it. Directed by Scott Mann, The Tournamentcenters on a lethal contest that sees the world's finest assassins gather in an unsuspecting town, and try to kill each other off for a cash prize. Collateral damage and corpses abound. This year, one unlucky priest (Robert Carlyle) finds himself an unwilling contestant, and must kill or be killed. It also stars Ving Rhames, Kelly Hu, Ian Somerhalder,Scott Adkins, and Sebastien Foucan.

The trailer is below the jump, and was brought to our attention by our friends at Live for Films. Watch it, and revel in its sheer craziness. Plus, who doesn't love when priests are forced to handle weaponry? Unfortunately, The Tournament doesn't yet have a release date (there seem to be unfounded whispers of it going straight to DVD on October 20), but let's get some online buzz going so we can see it soon.