We've good and bad news concerning release changes for two of the more anticipated studio horror titles still left on the '09 docket. Good news first? We can all now see Woody Harrelson gleefully dispatch hordes of re-animated corpses a week earlier: Zombieland jumps from its previous October 9th slot to October 2nd.

The bad news? The reason Columbia Pictures is jumping on the new date is because it was recently vacated by Paramount. Martin Scorsese's insane asylum thriller Shutter Island has slid all the way to February 19th, 2010. There's plenty of speculation as to the specifics behind this decision, but the consensus has less to do with the quality of the film and more to do with spreading the wealth. Shutter Island is likely to perform just as well in February as it would have in October, but a viable business model needs to make money all year round and Paramount's early 2010 slate was looking a bit sparse.

Huge bummer no doubt, but such are things in times of economic strife. But, hey, Zombieland early softens the sting a smidge, right?
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