As a kid, sneaking a glimpse of a late night series like "Tales From the Crypt" felt like getting away with something. Little did I know that bad habit would mature into a fascination with horror anthologies. As an adult the nostalgia is there, sure, but I'm also a fan of uniting character actors with scripts that don't fit in anywhere else and directors who, typically, don't work as often as they should.

That's why I make no apologies for liking Showtime's "Masters of Horror" or its network accessible offspring, "Fear Itself". Granted most of the episodes of both series are hit or miss (or if you're a cynic, that analogy is more along the lines of "bunt or get hit in the brain by a pitch"), but I can always find something to be charmed by. That said, I and the rest of the world never got the chance to find out fully what connected and what didn't in "Fear Itself" as NBC refused to air the final five episodes.

Worry not, though, as the totally free and totally awesome FEARnet is here to help. Starting September 2nd, the online/On-Demand service will begin unveiling one never-before-seen episode every day. So mark your calendars and read on for which episodes NBC didn't have the wherewithal to broadcast.
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