UPDATE: Yahoo has posted the full Inception trailer, and you can check it out after the jump.

Sometimes anticipation is delightful; sometimes it's maddening. With Christopher Nolan's über-mysterious, eagerly awaited 2010 sci-fi release Inception, anticipation is a bit of both. We know precisely two things about the plot: that it is a "contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind", and -- thanks to the possibly less-than-reliable IMDb blurb synopsis -- that it involves a "CEO-type who gets caught up in a blackmailing scandal." It's that first description that's so tantalizing. My immediate instinct was to think of the John Cusack/James Mangold thriller Identity, which I quite liked but would rather not see again, if you get me. But suffice it to say I am not worried that Inception will be a retread.

The teaser trailer, which should be officially released later today, has leaked in bootlegged form -- you can see it here, at least for now. (I am told it was attached to Inglourious Basterds, though there was no sign of it when I saw the Tarantino film last night.) It shows glimpses of various freaky but out-of-context goings-on, along with the tagline "your mind is the scene of the crime." And the official site has launched, though those hoping for more information will be sorely disappointed. All you'll see is a spinning metal widget that will follow your mouse around like a puppy.

It is dizzyingly awesome to see someone as smart and ambitious as Nolan operate in Hollywood's blockbuster A-list, with creative control and the clout to make big budgets serve big ideas. Rumors continue to swirl around the question of whether Nolan will return to the Batman franchise, but I halfway hope he doesn't. Inception is my most anticipated movie of 2010 in a walk.