I went back and forth for about a half hour as to whether or not I was going to post about this, but in the end I figured I owed it to the three people out there who enjoy looking at new images of Megan Fox from Jennifer's Body. Luckily, though, there's more for the lot of you as MTV has just revealed their big fall preview full of new images from a ton of upcoming films, like The Lovely Bones, Ninja Assassin, Sherlock Holmes, Amelia, A Christmas Carol, Whip It, A Serious Man and many more.

In Jennifer's Body (which, mind you, I've been hearing good things about), Megan Fox stars as a hottie cheerleader who turns all demonic and begins to off the boys at her school in the most horrific ways. Amanda Seyfried stars as her best friend, who eventually has enough of it all and attempts to stop her devilish gal pal before the end credits begin to roll. Juno scribe Diablo Cody wrote the script, and it's due out in theaters on September 18.

Also, in related news, Megan Fox will host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, which I hope will include at least one sketch about lame internet bloggers who constantly write flattering things about the girl because she looks good in a tight skirt but has very little talent.

Check out a larger version of the above image below, and the rest over at MTV.

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