By now you've probably seen the Youth in Revolt trailer that Erik shared last week. In his post, he was noting how "Nick Twisp (and his various amounts of shtick) is a good ten steps out of [Michael] Cera's comfort zone -- so it's nice to see him taking that leap." Me, I was too focused on that moustache.

Did anyone else immediately get transported to that scene from Almost Famous? The one where young William is in the boys' bathroom, plagued by his youth while the other boys revel in their puberty? No doubt, that little whisp of Twisp's upper-lip hair was placed on Cera to present a ridiculous looking young "French" alter-ego. However, as much as I'm interested in seeing the film, I wonder if I'll be able to stare at anything but that lip fluff. It might just be more distracting than Gary Oldman's screaming face posters in Prisoner of Azkaban.
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