This story simultaneously has thrilled me, and left me ashamed. But let's start with the thrilling part first. Somewhere in all the many comics that are bought up and hoarded by studios big and small, Fox actually bought Greg Rucka's Queen and Country. What makes rather unbelievable is that Queen and Country isn't about a superhero, or manly monster hunter. It's a series centered around a woman who is an operative of the SIS, aka MI6. We're talking a lady James Bond. Since when has Hollywood thought that would fly?

Well, someone at Fox is brave enough to give an action heroine a chance. The studio has done more than option Rucka's comic, as The Hollywood Reporter says that they've hired Ryan Condal to bring Tara Chace to life. You couldn't ask for a better choice, as Condal has solid credentials at DC and Marvel, including a stint with Wonder Woman. Condal's Galahadscript also landed on the Black List of awesome, unproduced work. So, Queen is getting the royal pre-production treatment, and should be able to lure in even more when the script is all ready and polished.

Now comes the shame -- I still haven't read Queen and Country, as I was waiting for it to wrap up, and then just completely forgot to pick it up. (I think I held it in my hand this year at ComicCon which makes me feel even worse.) I will rectify this immediately so I can howl with outrage or cheer with delight when they cast Tara Chace.
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