Finally! Proof that going to film school actually does make a difference! Ever since Neill Blomkamp (co-writer/director of District 9) busted onto the scene, folks have been talking about the man's short films -- especially the one that inspired D9, Alive in Joburg -- which have been available online for awhile now. Blomkamp is just one of many new filmmakers amassing a large following online before transitioning to the big screen -- a fact I absolutely love, because not only can we follow someone from the very beginning of their career, aspirings can also learn (and watch) how, in fact, this person came to be.

We've already shared a YouTube playlist of Blomkamp's short films, and now we're going back even further with the dude's film school reel. Blomkamp graduated from the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program at the Vancouver Film School in 1998. After the jump, watch the out-of-this-world, sci-fi-themed reel he put together while still in school.
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