Scanning through my RSS feeds at the end of the weekend, my eye immediately fell on this gem from the BBC: "Talking Shop - Third Rock's Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his new film." 3rd Rock from the Sun. It's been eight years since Gordon-Levitt co-starred in that show, which wrapped just as he got out of his teens. Now he's pushing 30, and has had a multitude of work since then. Mysterious Skin, Brick, Stop-Loss, Miracle at St. Anna, 500 Days of Summer, and even G.I. Joe.

I get the reference -- to a degree. With the exception of G.I. Joe, Gordon-Levitt's work hasn't exactly been mainstream. But is aged mainstream work really more relevant than notable indie work, no matter how well-received said work is? Furthermore, it's hard to say these references are just for the sake of mainstream understanding when one of the questions is: "You're best known for Third Rock from the Sun. Is making the jump back into films tricky?" Apparently this was part of a "BBC Breakfast" interview, so I'm going to assume the question came from someone who didn't even know of the actor's more recent work, or his general roster for that matter. A quick scan of IMDb shows that Gordon-Levitt's been continually working on big-screen fare alongside his past television stints.

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