Cinematical has just received this exclusive final poster for Astro Boy, set to fly into theaters on October 23rd. Based on the classic Japanese manga (and eventual television series), this spanky new colorful version of Astro Boy stars the voices of Freddy Highmore, Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage, Bill Nighy and Nathan Lane -- and it follows a young robot with big-time super powers who ventures off on a journey in search of acceptance when he's doesn't quite meet the replacement son expectations of the scientist who created him. And it's on this journey that Astro Boy faces his toughest challenge yet: help save earth from an alien race threatening the planet.

From Todd Gilchrist's fantastic post, Astro Boy, Rebuilt and Reborn for the Silver Screen: "In modern computer animation there seems to be two standards – there's Pixar, and there's everybody else. But watching three clips from the film that were mostly finished, Astro Boy promised to have a style all its own – one that feels decidedly digital but is also elegant; one sequence in particular evoked the bustling cityscapes of the Star Wars planet Coruscant. But notwithstanding Astro Boy's familiar, cylindrical profile, the other robots who inhabit his world are intriguingly weird, operating less according to a semblance of scientific plausibility than the whim of their creators."

Check out the full-sized sparkling final poster below, and the latest trailer after the jump.Astro Boyhits theaters on October 23rd.