It's not easy being a fan of Whit Stillman's. We fall for Metropolitan in 1990, get an international treat 4 years later with Barcelona, and then The Last Days of Disco another 4 years after that. Eleven years since, we're still waiting for a fourth -- for any of the many projects on Stillman's plate to come to actual fruition and reach our eager eyes. Granted, it could be worse. Three fun films and silence is probably better than filmmakers who continue to throw out work that doesn't begin to meet their early success, or directors who jump into an entirely different path and leave behind the beloved work that gave them their name.

All this said, there is a new treat today for Stillman fans -- Criterion's release of The Last Days of Disco.

It's perfect for a double-header with the previously released Metropolitan, but I wonder about other possibilities. What films are good if you want a whole weekend of Stillmanesque fun, or want to pair Whit with another filmmaker, or just want more options to dig into until Little Green Men hits the screen? Or, outside of Stillman's world completely: What if you just want overly verbose kids who can do nothing more than talk, youths who try to play dress-up seriously, 80s yuppies who are more obsessed with status than genuine life, or dips into the foreign allure of Catalonia?
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