I'm going to sound like a corporate shill here ... but I don't care. It could be Best Buy, the Weinsteins, or (gasp) Blockbuster who'd be worthy of my geekish affections ... provided they gave me something I wanted! And that's precisely the case this week with Best Buy. Here's why:

Amazon.com lists the Shaun of the Dead (and Hot Fuzz!) blu-rays as September 22 releases. Pre-order on both is a rock-solid $18.99. Additionally, Amazon lists the controversial indie horror Graceas a September 15 release, and that pre-order will set you back $19.99. Damn good prices for new blus if you ask me...

OR you could walk right into your local Best Buy and say in a loud, steady voice "Harry, I want you to sell me Shaun. And Grace. Hell, throw Fuzz in there too," because YOU, fine store, have offered these items a month before anyone else has. So head on over to BB while these "early exclusives" are still in stock.

P.S. They're $20 each.
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