While some folks were partaking in Avatar Day across the country, a very dusty Sam Worthington was chatting up a group of journalists across the pond on the set of Clash of the Titans. (Who, uh, missed seeing Avatar on the big screen.) The Aussie actor has been reading our reactions to the trailer and the IMAX/3D experience, and he wants you to know that Avatar is built for the theater and not your laptop. But will James Cameron's plan to get people back into theaters work?

And it's a lot of pressure for the hot young star, whose done five blockbuster projects in a row and is ready to "take four months off and just do f*ckin' nothing... hang out with my mates."

Worthington said, "Man, it's got a hell of a lot of hype to it. I read all what was said yesterday about the trailer and I can see their point. As I said, it's not meant to be [seen] on an Apple Mac. It's built for IMAX. It's built for 3D. That's what [James Cameron] designed it for. He's designed it to bring people back to the cinema. It's interesting that he's released that trailer, that Jim's gone and done that, and then the next day shows it in IMAX. One extreme to the other. We get the criticism and then we get the rave reviews of what it looks like in its own formula. That's obviously going to get people to think and go, "Damn right! I'm going to go and see this at the cinema!" Jim has always said to me he wants to bring people back to the movies, and he's a smart enough man for that to be tactical."