Days out from the debut of the Avatar trailer, and the buzz of Avatar Day, we're still talking about James Cameron's technological opus. I wanted to write something that was a little critical of the hype, but I feel as though anything I say will immediately be perceived as a result of my bad experience. So, I recruited William Goss to be the other, more positive half of an Avatardebate. As Goss wisely points out, it's far too early to judge what this film is going to do in December, and I know that the full marketing onslaught awaits. The moviegoing public still has no idea what's in store. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? Read on as we try to play soothsayer, and then join in with some predictions of your own.

Elisabeth: So, let's kick the tires and light the fires. You actually made it into Avatar Day footage, right?

Will: Twice.

Elisabeth: Wow! How full was it?

Will: First time, maybe half full. Second time, a little more than. Neither, though, was packed. A few more kids at the later one, to boot, who came with their parents.

Elisabeth: I know people will probably think that I'm just bitter because of my experience, but I honestly thought it was handled all wrong. When the first announced it at ComicCon, I really thought it would be an all day event at theaters, and it would literally draw in the curious. The way it was handled, it only catered to the same handful that already knew about it.

Will: Well, it was made available online. The geeks that knew wrote about it. How many people already planning to go into a movie would rather see something twenty minutes long and then have to wait for the next showing? All they could've done more to make it public would be, well, TV spots maybe.
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