Children of the Corn [Blu-ray]
The enduring classic, finally available in high definition. Variety sniffed: "Children of the Corn does have a few good scare scenes but special effects are surprisingly disappointing." Millions of fans (well, thousands) have disagreed over the years. The 25th anniversary edition features new, separate interviews with co-star Linda Hamilton and writer Stephen King, plus talks with the production designer and composer. Well-timed for harvest season.

From the people who brought you Dreams of the Dead (see below): In rural New Jersey, they don't harvest corn, they harvest organs -- human ones. They also sell babies to "loving couples" and kidnap young women to sell as sex slaves. When the criminal gang unknowingly snatches a "popular Brazilian hip hop star," her bodyguard comes searching for his meal ticket.

Sick Girl
Teenage Izzy, orphaned and caring for her little brother, relieves her anxieties by torturing and killing hapless victims in the family barn. So maybe the school bullies should have picked on someone other than her little brother. Dread Central called it a "twisted slice of indie goodness," while Quiet Earth predicted: "This film [will] polarize its audience." The special edition from Synapse Films includes a "making of" mini-feature, bloopers and outtakes, and an interview with actor Stephen Geoffreys.

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