Ever since The Dark Knight, we've become obsessed with making things darker. Little Red Riding Hood? Make it darker! The Wizard of Oz? Dorothy should be cutting up the wicked witch with a chainsaw! Alice in Wonderland? Alice should be a meth-addicted stripper who's afraid of big hats! (Note: Don't fret, Alice is not a meth-addicted stripper in Tim Burton's upcoming adaptation, though I bet she exists somewhere in that form.) Thankfully we still have Disney and their arsenal of cute, charming, cuddly princesses. And since Disney would never in their right minds turn one of their beloved princesses into some sort of trashy, blood-thirsty sexpot, those of you who'd like to see what something like that would look like can now check out Jeffrey Thomas' pretty fantastic collection of Twisted Disney Princesses.

Out of all his images, I think Snow White is my favorite -- but only because she comes equipped with seven nasty looking dwarf-trolls, all of whom would probably make up the greatest horror-comedy in history if anyone was ever a allowed to throw something like that together. I can picture it now: There's Sleepy passing out just as he's munching down on the severed head of his latest victim. Oh, and there's Dopey getting blood all over Snow White's brand new white leather sofa ... again!

Check out some of our favorites below, and the rest over at Jeffrey's page.

[via Neatorama, via ScarletScribe's Twitter]
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