Oh, the wiley and elusive bad guy. The masses might wonder why guys and gals always fall for the bad boy or bad girl, but let's face it -- evil looks irresistibly good on the big screen, and it's hard to settle for the vanilla world of reality when evildoers make life look fun. We're supposed to follow the good guys -- cheer for the hero -- but then the nemesis sweeps in and steals all the thunder.

Sometimes, they steal it before the film even begins. The Hollywood Reporterposts that Justin Theroux has joined Your Highness. David Gordon Green's comedy follows Danny McBride's lazy prince as he sets out to save his father's kingdom. Theroux will be "Leezar, an evil wizard with a bejeweled magical staff" who kidnaps the virginal princess (Zooey Deschanel) -- bride of James Franco. Luckily, he doesn't steal Natalie Portman's character, because there is no way that a princess would be fighting her way out of Theroux confinement to be with McBride. Heck, even with Franco, I'm already rooting for Leezar.
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