Our pals over at Marketsaw managed to get their hands on some scans from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, which features a whole spread on James Cameron's Avatar -- including new images of Sam Worthington's Avatar, Zoe Saldana's Na'vi character and our first look at Sigourney Weaver's Avatar (see above). Weaver plays Dr. Grace Augustine, who's responsible for mentoring Jake Sully (Worthington) while on the trip to Pandora. It's her job to make sure everyone that goes to Pandora is able to return back to earth safely. Hmm, I wonder if she'll be successful ...

Also featured in the Empire story is another closer look at Zoe Saldana's character Neytiri, who is a female Na'vi alien and a princess on Pandora. Her and Jake fall in love, get down with their blue selves and help protect the planet from invading humans.

Check out more images over at Marketsaw. Avatar hits theaters on December 18.
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