We've seen a few images. We've watched the trailer. We've heard about the highs and lows of the special screenings. Now we've got some Avatarstills scanned from Empire Magazine and housed over at MarketSaw.

But these aren't just any images. There's more Sam Worthington, more Zoe Saldana -- and most importantly, there's Sigourney Weaver. Not just her character (which we see to the right), but also her avatar. You can see the small version above, and in much bigger detail over at MarketSaw. They certainly did a heck of a job bringing Weaver's avatar to life, although it's really interesting to see how a few changes can totally alter the look of a person. Bring on the blue, widen the eyes, and suddenly it's a lot harder to spot Weaver until your eyes run over her nose and mouth. Wait until the day when this sort of technology can honestly capture the feel of skin and human expression -- the moving moisture in the eye, the almost indecipherable quirks that make humans real. It'll be a wild experience.

That's about all the praise I'll give it. With all the positive and negative bustle surrounding this film, I think it's best to not sway too far in either direction. This movie could very possibly be the film that can't live up to enormous expectations, or the film that is a lot better than anyone gives it credit.

And while I'm trying not to Aliens-ize this, I can't help but feel excited at the little quote printed on the image above: "Jim and I kept in touch after Aliens, so we picked up right where we left off." Let's hope that's with at least some amazing butt-kicking action.
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