For those who like to make plans ahead of time -- and I mean wayyyy ahead of time -- Fandango is already selling advanced tickets for select screenings (I believe it's midnight shows only) of James Cameron's Avatar, which doesn't open in theaters until December 18. I'm not a statistics guy, and so I'm not sure whether or not a film has ever sold advanced tickets this far out from its release date, but it definitely has to be up there. And while you may smile and chuckle at the news, I bet those midnight shows will be sold out by tomorrow or the next day ... or once this news begins to spread, which it should. So if you plan on seeing Avatar at a midnight show in on opening night, then you might want to buy your tickets now. And hey, if you can't go, I'm positive you'll be able to find someone willing to take your tickets.

You can begin your search for advanced Avatar tickets over at Fandango.
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