Welcome to a new series here on Cinematical where we look back at some of our favorite movie montages over the years.

I can't think of a better way to kick off this series than by kicking off my Sunday shoes with this fantastic montage from Footloose. The reason this montage is so great, so memorable and so iconic is because something like this will never happen again. Sure, they're remaking Footloosewith a couple Abercrombie underwear models -- and there's a chance some of those classic tunes may pop up (remixed by Kanye West, of course) -- but never will Hollywood spend this much time on one dude teaching another dude how to dance to a song like "Let's Hear it for the Boy". It'll never happen. Hollywood is way too homophobic to even attempt to recreate this scene. No way.

C'mon, they're running through fields full of flowers! Who would try something like that in 2009? If this awesome montage were to ever be recreated for a new generation, they'd throw at least three cute girls into the equation -- and maybe one of the girls would be, like, half naked in order to draw attention away from the guy who's learning how to dance. So I say let's celebrate the original Footloose! Let's celebrate one of the great 80's bromances between Kevin Bacon and the late Chris Penn. Heck, let's hear it for those boys!

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