If ever there was a director who truly loved rock and roll it's Cameron Crowe. The man started his illustrious career as a rock journalist and as a film maker, and he also made one of the greatest rock movies of all time, Almost Famous. Grunge legends Pearl Jam and Crowe go way back; the band appeared in his film Singles, and Crowe helped put together Pearl Jam's Single Video Theory back in 2000. Now, Crowe has made music videos in the past, but this has to be the perfect combination of band and director because nobody respects rock and roll more than Crowe ... and nobody takes it more seriously than Pearl Jam.

Back in May, the band showed up at Seattle's Showbox for a surprise concert with Crowe behind the camera shooting a commercial for a deal between the band and the discount retailer, Target -- and yes, you just read that right. I guess everyone involved was happy enough with the footage -- so happy that it became the basis for the music video for their new song, "The Fixer", included on their upcoming album Backspacer, which will debut via iTunes and Target on September 20.

Pearl Jam had infamously refused to make music videos back in 1992, and other than an animated creation for Do the Evolution (courtesy of Todd McFarlane) they have stuck to their word. I have to admit, as much as I admired their principles, I kind of missed seeing the band in action. Maybe I've been out of the Pearl Jam loop for a while, but dang if this isn't a happening little track and a pretty cool looking video -- and the coffee-drinking, flannel wearing gal who still lives somewhere inside me couldn't be happier.

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