As we crawl toward Labor Day Weekend, you may have noticed that news has slowed down considerably while Hollywood skips town for the last two weeks of August before dusting themselves off for the upcoming film festivals and awards season. So when it's a slow news time, you should expect some folks to take chances on a few crazy movie rumors in order to give them some nice traffic during an otherwise uneventful period. And what a better way to get traffic than to make up ridiculous rumors about the next Batman movie.

The latest rumors? Well, Britain's The Sun claims Megan Fox has been cast as Catwoman in the film. Yup ... and as I was writing that a pig flew past my window! Also, AICN (who, I'll admit, are definitely more legitimate than The Sun) claim there's a chance Christopher Nolan may shoot the next Batman flick using just IMAX cameras -- making it so the entire movie is in IMAX, instead of just a few key scenes like with The Dark Knight. Then again, there's also a chance Nolan will off a guy in the street with a machine gun while singing The Star Spangled Banner with two Twinkies hanging out his mouth ... but that doesn't mean it's actually going to happen.

These rumors, however, aren't much fun unless you collect them all together and vote on which one you'd actually like to see come true. So, because it's slow and because we love time-wasters, sound off below on which of the many Batman 3 rumors floating around online you'd like to see come true.

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