Before re-gifting it to American Audiences as The Grudge, Japanese director Takashi Shimizu gave his homeland one of its scariest post-Ringu franchises. Unfortunately for us, most of his career has revolved around Ju-on in one way or another (most recently as an overseer on the Wii-based video game), but now he's out to establish a new landmark for Japan by way of it's first ever live-action 3D film.

The Shock Labyrinth is about a group of teenagers trapped in an amusement park who come face-to-face with a friend who "disappeared" years ago, "disappeared" being of course horror movie nomenclature for "pissed off at those who presumed he was dead." And thanks to a freshly inked deal with Fortissimo Films, international markets will get to share in exactly what that mystery, and Japan's first foray into films that require special eye-ware, entails.

One can find a trailer for The Shock Labyrinth below. Note that it's not English language friendly, but scary corridors in an abandoned haunted house don't really need subtitling. As a bonus, take a look at the trailer for The Grudge on the Wii, which would be more accurately titled Peter Poops His Pants Playing a Video Game.
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