Oh, so close, Hollywood. SO CLOSE. Variety reports that Warner Bros. is gearing up to bring Soul Train to the big screen, with Malcolm Spellman writing the script. Soul Train. You know. The show that brought us the wonderful groove of the '70s, the even wackier moves of the '80s, and random dance all the way through to 2006. (And here I thought it ended in the early '90s...)

The film will be set in the '80s, and focus on a guy in the LA hood whose "ticked out is his gift for 'popping.'" Host and producer of the show Don Cornelius had always wanted to start a tour with the bands and dancers, so this will become a centerpiece of the movie -- the popping guy wanting to get on the tour. Spellman says: "All of the hip-hop street dances you see today were born during that time period and were first seen on that show, and I remember doing all of them when I was a kid." I'll give him that -- this will pique a lot of moviegoer nostalgia if they get great songs and really reveal in all the tacky aspects of the '80s.

But come on. Nothing compares to the fresh Train of the '70s. Fro's, disco duds, and insane dance moves. Even as a kid, I always preferred the '70s repeats because the dancing was so much cooler. I imagine a lot of people agree since a hunt through YouTube brought up a bunch of '70s clips and not so many '80s ones. You can see a clip from each decade after the jump. But as we wait to see what becomes of this, let's get nostalgic:

Which '80s dance songs MUST be included in this production? (And Michael Jackson's way too easy a guess.)

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