Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had the audacity to put together a "Top 100 Horror Movies" list, mainly because I get numerous emails, tweets, and random requests for "a few good horror movies to rent." It's awesome that people turn to me for an opinion, and so I put a lot of time and thought (about two good hours) into this list right here at Horror Squad. It's been so popular that three separate people on the Twitter have called me a moron this week.

But then I realized that I was ignoring my other baby ... the one called Sci-Fi Squad. (And I further realized that I haven't been called a moron enough this week.) And since sci-fi runs a close second to horror in my favorite genre department, well, let's just say I've seen a whole freaking lot of science fiction films. Less than some, more than most, but a whole stinking lot. This list took a bit longer than the horror one, mainly because I didn't want to omit anything that was worthy, but also because I insist on including personal favorites like Species. Yes, the hot naked horny alien movie. I dig it. And here are the remaining 99 ... over at Sci-Fi Squad.

I eagerly await your incredulous gasps and challenges upon my sanity. One last time: Here's The Top 100 Horror Films of All Time, and The Top 100 Sci-Fi Films of All Time ... according to me, of course. Both crafted with love. And caffeine.
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