I was recently inspired by friends and readers to put together a Top 100 Horror Film list, and I had a lot of fun doing it. You can see it right here at Horror Squad. So as soon as the dust cleared on that one, the obsessive-compulsive movie freak that controls my brain spoke up and said "Hey, dummy. Do one for science fiction now!" Actually, that may have been Erik Davis saying that. Either way, here's the list.

Ah, and I feel I should preface it with the same words I used for the Horror 100: "Call 'em my "favorites" (although I'm sure I left some out) or call 'em "required viewing" for an aspiring horror sci-fi freak. I'm cool with either. And while I'm the manager of a scary movie blog and the film critic for an excellent horror outlet, the only thing that really qualifies me to MAKE such a list ... is that I cared enough to see all the flicks (and hundreds more) and then rank 'em. You should try it sometime. Feedback and outrage is, of course, welcome ... although I'll tell you right now that I'm already working on list #2, so don't get too crazy."

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