Our friends over at Moviefone came up with a clever time-waster question: What if this summer's indie movies were instead giant blockbusters? What would they look like? What would they be about? After all, summer is definitely a strange animal -- because while it's known for its massive, big-budgeted popcorn flicks, summer is also a time for a host of indie films (most of which previously played festivals like Sundance, Berlin, SXSW and Tribeca) to find their little profitable corner in theaters. So you'll have a Transformers 2 ... but you'll also have a 500 Days of Summer or a Moon or an Away We Go. It's pretty weird to see two completely types of films co-existing in this hot, steamy marketplace, but that's what makes it so much fun, I suppose.

Anyway, Moviefone took this summer's most talked-about indies and pretended they were also blockbusters. Here's a taste of what they came up with:

'500 Days of Summer'
What It Is: A charming, offbeat romance about a greeting card writer's year-and-a-half courtship of a free-spirited woman who doesn't believe that love exists.
What It Could've Been: Roland Emmerich's latest global warming-oriented disaster flick in which we watch in delight as the Statue of Liberty melts, the Atlantic Ocean evaporates and the entire population of Arizona spontaneously combusts.

What It Is: In this latest entry from the "mumblecore" movement (low-budget filmmaking characterized by improv and naturalism), two hetero friends attempt to have sex with each other for an art project.
What It Could've Been: A couple of totally straight bros/undercover cops (Dane Cook and Johnny Knoxville) must pretend they're lovers in order to infiltrate an ecstasy ring operated out of a Chelsea nightclub.

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