Grace, Directed by Paul Solet, 2009

There's a reason Paul Solet's feature film debut has already garnered a handful of posts here at HorrorSquad and it's the same reason Scott Weinberg called me at 7am to talk about my review of the film. Grace is divisive. Personally I found little that interested me in the film, feeling its thin script was self-serving, opting more often than not to leapfrog over its own characters in order to deliver a twisted image or two.

Scott, on the other hand, completely disagrees with me. In his review at FEARnet he said, "So while I'm sure there's a perfectly good B-movie to be mined from Solet's concept, the simple fact is that this writer / director has a lot more on his mind than just a few good jolts and a handful of gooey gore. Like the best films (horror or otherwise), Grace works on a variety of disparate levels, and it's tough to find a "weak link" in this debut feature. The pacing, the tone, the cast, the score, the confident approach to some potentially nefarious subject matter ... this is not a horror film that feels like it comes from a first-timer."

So, hey, if you want me advice, add Grace to your queue and let it arrive when the Netflix Gods deem it so. If you want Scott's, hop into a car and grab the DVD or Blu-ray during Best Buy's exclusive, in-store-only pre-sale before it's wide release on September 15th.
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